Downey: I’ve been trying to meet Bobby for some time, but when you approach an icon in a restaurant and he’s eating, he’s not really interested.
Duvall: I didn’t know who he was.
Downey: And when he doesn’t know who you are, that makes it difficult, too.

LOL, fanboy Downey got shot down.

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Robert Downey Jr., photographed by Rankin for Rankin’s F*CK Y*U, 2014.


Ahhhh! lovin’ the lavender jacket !! 

New trailer for Robert Downey Jr.’s The Judge.

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Job one is get out of that cave. A lot of people do get out but don’t change. So the thing is to get out and recognize the significance of that aggressive denial of your fate, come through the crucible forged into a stronger metal. Or whatever. But I don’t even know if that was my experience. It’s funny: five years ago, I would’ve made it sound like I’m conscious of my own participation in seizing the similarities. But so many things have become less certain. I swear to God. I am not my story.